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Distribution Basics
April 7, 2013, 7:34 pm
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Goalkeepers are most often considered the last person on defense and first on offense. Once the goalkeeper has the soccer ball, he or she becomes an offensive player.  Just like any attacking player, the keeper wants to move the ball towards the other goal in possession if possible. This means not just randomly punting the ball to his or her team. If a keeper wants to learn how to throw or punt or dropkick the ball better or more accurately, high repetition is required. Likewise, if the keeper wants to understand who to distribute to and whether to punt or throw, then they have to be put into game situations.  Each game presents with different strategies for distribution based on the goalkeepers team and the opponents.

Here are some guidelines:

-If the ball comes in from one side, look to distribute to the other side first. Do not always distribute to the opposite side

-If your team is under heavy pressure, punt long to relieve pressure. Look to punt to your best receivers and team mates that are open.

-If your team needs possession, then throw the ball out to the outside areas of your final third unless players are not open. Use a quick scan of the players to see if any are open. Thow to their feet or if they are running to an open space they are running to. If your teammate is close to you,  roll the ball out underhand. If your teammate is farther from you, then sling throw overhand the ball to get it there quickly and to cover more distance.

Keepers should regularly practice distribution and practice each form in a pre-game warm-up. Here are some basic drills:

-Punt or throw against a wall

-punt or throw into the goal

-punt or throw to different targets on the field

-use goalkeepers in small sided games practicing distribution methods

Good goalkeeper distribution is vital to both a team’s defense and their scoring options. It is commonly ignored or only briefly practiced. Improving distribution is vital for a team’s success and the importance increases as the level of the game increases.

D. Johnson


Winning Goalkeeping
October 15, 2012, 11:48 pm
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